The Kingdom Of God Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


' In no Strange Land 'A
O world invisible we view theeB
O world intangible we touch theeB
O world unknowable we know theeB
Inapprehensible we clutch theeB
Does the fish soar to find the oceanC
The eagle plunge to find the airD
That we ask of the stars in motionC
If they have rumour of thee thereD
Not where the wheeling systems darkenC
And our benumbed conceiving soarsE
The drift of pinions would we hearkenC
Beats at our own clay shuttered doorsE
The angels keep their ancient placesF
Turn but a stone and start a wingG
'Tis ye 'tis your estranged facesF
That miss the many splendoured thingG
But when so sad thou canst not sadderH
Cry and upon thy so sore lossI
Shall shine the traffic of Jacob's ladderH
Pitched betwixt Heaven and Charing CrossI
Yea in the night my Soul my daughterH
Cry clinging Heaven by the hemsJ
And lo Christ walking on the waterH
Not of Gennesareth but ThamesJ

Francis Thompson


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