Warm Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Like the morning dew on the grassA
Glitters like a rose flowerB
Your scent is more sweet than perfumed dressC
Your beautiful face drifts my powerB
I'm sinking deep in stressC
Each day I can't miss to hear your sweet intonated voiceD
You be my lifetimeE
I can't recall regressionF
In my heart there be joy all the timeE
Capturing all your attentionsG
Your sympathy be at noonH
To follow the sinking sunF
Like a drum my heart is beatingI
Fast than I had expectedJ
This love still warningI
There is no grief detectedJ
May it be foreverB
Our motives be oneF
Dear Ruth be like Naomy's friendK
The only one in the holy bookL
Who found a good brandM
He who catered for her loveN
He who felt the warmthO
Yes He who knew GodP

Francis Omariba
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/02/2021


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