I have looked up far
From a distance, there is a call
The voice so familiar
I recall, that is my brother on the wall
He leans lamenting for my soul
In a plaintive plea he sings

Sweet is the ringing tune
The song must be pleasing
Unfortunately, I do not like the tone
As time elapses, my eyes are wetting
He talks of the hidden monster
That long living gangster

That who snatched my laughter
Laying my brother deep in darkness
Where laid my younger sister
With no mercifulness
My brother lives up there
Where nobody can cheer

Only in a dream
I met the two loved brother and sister
It is not until when I rang the drum
To awaken them from the monster
Nevertheless, they cannot show up
It is getting cold, that little hope

I wish I had power
Just like that Elisha the prophet
That could shower
Miracles by a word of mouth
To overcome the living monster
Moreover, bring back laughter