What Have You Done To Me? Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What have you done to meA
To count all lonely nights alone in my new apartmentB
Dancing with myself inbetween the sheetsC
All in all is not to forget that we once metD
To all the seven dreams I had in one night you were presentB
And am desperate in need of whats under skirtE
The greatest days are on count for the cozy nightsF
Doesnt matter how many storms hitsG
Still am not ready to fall for they don't teach my countsH
This new apartment has been filled and occupied with the lightsF
Indulging with bitter wines and once you chat with me you'll know the truthsI
This mouth has never quinch with wines sips and my neighbors calls me alcohol addictsJ
What have you done to meA

Felix Menda


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