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it has been long since I started to write poems and other things like speeches and my quotes. but poem writing has become part of my life, I write when I have the intense feeling or connection with something. I enjoy writing as sometime it can teach me how to live and change from ancient thinking and one to modern thinking. I love poetry that the least I can say. ...
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  • Poor Me!!
    In this world where living are afraid of the dead,
    I have come to know my true self now,
    I fear no devil nor any human,
    I've fought countless battles of secruded reality, ...
  • Omicron
    The government officials are in conflict,
    As they don't know if they should accept it,
    Or they should disagree with it,
    As millions of peoples have died, ...
  • Virgins Mind.
    Your eyes are like a golden mirror which give light to the darknesss,
    On your chest is where I can lie on and get a great and night sleep,
    On your chest is where I can hear your heart beat and feel your heat,
    Your the only one who can make me have a great smile, ...
  • I Want You And I Need You!
    Hey there!!
    If you think hatred can make me stop loving you,
    Then try loving me hard with all your hatred,
    Cause I won't stop being stubborn every time I meet you, ...
  • Vulnerable Man.
    Her closeness makes me numb,
    Her beauty toxify my body ,
    Her pure essence is what I desire,
    Her smile always captivates strangers, ...
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Veronica: I Appreciate it congrats love
Divona : I like your poem it's reality Felix coz it touch the society
Divona mathew: I appreciate your poem it's good

Divona: Congrats Felix God bless you
Faith: You have good poems sir
Michael : Ur awesome
Michael : This is fireeee
Grace Anthony Mwaselela: I love your work, what you write is reality touches the society , inspires and encourages ,keep it up ...
You fit in this Felix!!!###
Gift Julio: Nice uwe mtunzi wa mashairiii unafaaa

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