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it has been long since I started to write poems and other things like speeches and my quotes. but poem writing has become part of my life, I write when I have the intense feeling or connection with something. I enjoy writing as sometime it can teach me how to live and change from ancient thinking and one to modern thinking. I love poetry that the least I can say. ...
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Felix Menda Poems

  • Soul Fetcher.
    The grim reaper has come,
    The king's of lands are trembling,
    Afraid of being chosen,
    Their slaves are trembling for their king's have sinned against God, ...
  • Burn With Fire .
    I am a wood,
    not just a wood but a thick wood..
    I burn with my own fire,
    I try so hard to survive from my own fire, ...
  • How Cute?
    How cute can a smile put this breathe taking lady seem more loving?
    How cute can she be if you come across her?
    How cute to feels lucky the moment you breath her scents?
    How cute can you be when she love you as a friend? ...
  • Perfectionist.
    A poor torn heart,
    with a shattered smile,
    Abandoned heart,
    with a strong mind, ...
  • Too Bad Too Sad
    Are my lips the glass of wine?
    How can I get drunk from her gaze?
    Too bad .. too sad ..
    it's my body yet it gives me pain ... ...
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Ready 3 Bitter 2 Forget 2 Honey 2 Lady 2 Mind 2 Step 1 Soul 1 Brain 1 Remove 1

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Grace Anthony Mwaselela: I love your work, what you write is reality touches the society , inspires and encourages ,keep it up ...
You fit in this Felix!!!###
Gift Julio: Nice uwe mtunzi wa mashairiii unafaaa

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Upon The Sun's Reflection Upon The Clouds In A Fair Morning
 by John Bunyan

Look yonder, ah! methinks mine eyes do see
Clouds edged with silver, as fine garments be;
They look as if they saw that golden face
That makes black clouds most beautiful with grace.
Unto the saints' sweet incense, or their prayer,
These smoky curdled clouds I do compare.
For as these clouds seem edged, or laced with gold,
Their prayers return with blessings manifold.

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