Kiss me to the moon, if it's the love that's burning within,
Kiss me on this night, so I may lit the moon in your within,
Kiss me with passion, so I can feel your presence from within,
Kiss me in this honey moon time, so I can fulfill the wish from your within,
Kiss me till you die, is the motto I lit to your within,
Kiss me with kisses of embrace ,so I can know the charm you have within,
Kiss me with a will, that can be filled in our within ,
Kiss no fool, as they last longer within,
Kiss the red lips of a charming lady, so as you can be painted in her within ,
Kiss with alot of kisses, that comes from within,
Kiss the one you love when you're ready ,so as you can get rid of the loneliness that lie within,
Kiss is a fear for the virgins, that makes their heart restless within,
Kiss is what my lady wants, but feels shy and afraid from within,
Kiss is sweeter than honey, if it comes from within,
Kiss needs sharing, so as you can both enjoy in your within,
Kiss reminds me the first day, I wanted to kiss my lady but fear took her within,
Kiss is wild if you kiss the wrong person ,and all the regrets lasts in your within,
Kisses get remembered at the right place, that your touch occupied both within,
Kiss with a sweeter kiss, and not the bitter kiss that kills One's within,
Kiss is a blessing for the one you love, kiss blesses One's within,
Kiss is powerful as it destroys weaknesses, that abides one's within,
Kiss the one you love, for you to be proud within,
Kiss the right person, is what you have to tell your within.