The government officials are in conflict,
As they don't know if they should accept it,
Or they should disagree with it,
As millions of peoples have died,
Thousands are in hospitals right now,
And some are afraid right now if they should take it,
Peoples are trembling for they are afraid losing their life,
Americans are protesting for their loved one have died,
Have died just because of the vaccine,
Can we believe in this short time discovered vaccine,
WHO can we believe in your hospitality,
Ooh I don't think so!!
Instead of spreading love,
Drat that!!!
You are spreading poison for us Africans,
We never believed in you since then,
As you create the problem and then tries to solve it,
Have we become fools to pull that kind of pranks on us?
It's better staying like this,
If it's our time to die then no one can run away from grim reaper,
As he takes what belongs to the creator when the right time comes,
But you have assisted grim reaper and made his work easy,
The poison you have spreaded all over the world has killed our loved ones,
It's so Painful!!!
Losing the one you love just because of a mere man made virus.