Felix Menda Lady Poems

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    what's money again dear lady?
    other says it's for rich only,
    for poor it's a cherished treasury,
    it's only a digit for the owner,
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    Kiss me to the moon, if it's the love that's burning within,
    Kiss me on this night, so I may lit the moon in your within,
    Kiss me with passion, so I can feel your presence from within,
    Kiss me in this honey moon time, so I can fulfill the wish from your within,
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Divona: Congrats Felix God bless you
Faith: You have good poems sir
Michael : Ur awesome
Michael : This is fireeee
Grace Anthony Mwaselela: I love your work, what you write is reality touches the society , inspires and encourages ,keep it up ...
You fit in this Felix!!!###
Gift Julio: Nice uwe mtunzi wa mashairiii unafaaa

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