Felix Menda Bitter Poems

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    Kiss me to the moon, if it's the love that's burning within,
    Kiss me on this night, so I may lit the moon in your within,
    Kiss me with passion, so I can feel your presence from within,
    Kiss me in this honey moon time, so I can fulfill the wish from your within,
  • 2.
    What have you done to me?
    To count all lonely nights alone, in my new apartment,
    Dancing with myself, inbetween the sheets,
    All in all is not to forget, that we once met,
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Divona: Congrats Felix God bless you
Faith: You have good poems sir
Michael : Ur awesome
Michael : This is fireeee
Grace Anthony Mwaselela: I love your work, what you write is reality touches the society , inspires and encourages ,keep it up ...
You fit in this Felix!!!###
Gift Julio: Nice uwe mtunzi wa mashairiii unafaaa

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