Joy Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B C C D

Joy what could be more eperetising than the Joy of life what is life without joy Love it can be given and it can never be taken What is life like without being lovedA
There is a million of things that I would rather do than love another I would count stars day to day admiring each and everyone of them I am greedy in nature I do nothing which is temporary my main reason why I would spend a lifetime counting stars No matter how many I count each day the end is never nearB
But one star in particular I would spend a life time if possible an inferno counting the emotions that I am implanted with Beauty running through her brains implanting the feeling of beauty to mine Her beauty the beauty of this star stars millions of stars gave birth to a light that no star can compete with She is no TemporaryC
She is an idolized star that the light of the cosmic web admires She is more then human The beauty that runs through her vains making beauty and perfection seem like something that would be found in the history books With every step she takes life springs from her footprints a trail of lively grass follows I might just follow her trail Because in her shadow it is where joy is found in her shadow it is where I find peace In her shadow it is where life springs In her shadow it is where a better life could be In her shadow that is my goal to beC
I admire you and your actions there would not be another you are one to be proud of existing in side by side in the same era Your presence are a giftD

Faizel Malek
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/06/2019


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Aisha Manan: Brilliant amazing!!❤☺
Kamogelo : It's a very elegant poems. It has a lot of feelings hidden
Kalennna your sister: OMG I LOVE IT ????????????????????????????????
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