Higher Lover Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Time willingly caught in deja vu Repeating this timeless momentA
I slowly drown in your ocean blue eyesB
In this heated atmosphere we stuck icily frozenC
Your embrace releasing all the pressures of lifeD
I breathe in your essence slowlyE
every ounce of my being screaming to make you my wifeD
my earthly angel defeating the nights so lonelyE
Your winged whispered word takes me higherF
you are my oxygen a match made in heavenC
you set my soul on fireF
So as i put your hand in mine together we ascendG
Our lips embrace with hungered tonguesH
Our immortal love together we transcendG
The poem summaryE
As our love grows the higher our understanding ascend you are the air that i breathe you awake and maintain the poet withinI
So for this i thank you with a few written wordsJ
You are the life i live for the song of the birdsJ
love takes you higherF

Faizel Farzee
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/13/2019


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