Histrion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


No man hath dared to write this thing as yetA
And yet I know how that the souls of all men greatB
At times pass athrough usC
And we are melted into them and are notD
Save reflexions of their soulsE
Thus am I Dante for a space and amF
One Francois Villon ballad lord and thiefG
Or am such holy ones I may not writeH
Lest blasphemy be writ against my nameI
This for an instant and the flame is goneJ
'Tis as in midmost us there glows a sphereK
Translucent molten gold that is the IL
And into this some form projects itselfM
Christus or John or eke the FlorentineN
And as the clear space is not if a form'sO
Imposed thereonJ
So cease we from all being for the timeP
And these the Masters of the Soul live onQ

Ezra Pound


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