Alf-s Fifth Bit Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The pomps of butchery financial powerA
Told 'em to die in war and then to saveB
Then cut their saving to the half or lowerA
When will this system lie down in its graveB
The pomps of Fleet St festering year on yearC
Hid truth and lied and lied and hid the factsD
The pimps of Whitehall ever more in fearC
Hid health statistics dodged the Labour ActsD
All drew their pay and as the pay grew lessE
The money rotten and more rotten yetF
Hid more statistics more feared to confessE
C C 'twere better to forgetF
How many weak of mind how much tuberculosisG
Filled the back alleys and the back to back housesH
'The medical report this week discloses '-
'Time for that question ' Front Bench interposesH
Time for that question and the time is NOWI
Who ate the profits and who locked 'em inJ
The unsafe safe wherein all rots and no man can say howI
What was the nation's now by Norman's kinJ
Is one day blown up large the next ducked inJ

Ezra Pound


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