The Death Of Robin Hood Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Give me my bow said Robin HoodA
An arrow give to meB
And where 't is shot mark thou that spotC
For there my grave shall beB
Then Little John did make no signD
And not a word he spakeE
But he smiled altho' with mickle woeF
His heart was like to breakE
He raised his master in his armsG
And set him on his kneeB
And Robin's eyes beheld the skiesH
The shaws the greenwood treeB
The brook was babbling as of oldI
The birds sang full and clearJ
And the wild flowers gay like a carpet layK
In the path of the timid deerJ
O Little John said Robin HoodA
Meseemeth now to beB
Standing with you so stanch and trueL
Under the greenwood treeB
And all around I hear the soundM
Of Sherwood long agoF
And my merry men come back againN
You know sweet friend you knowF
Now mark this arrow where it fallsO
When I am dead dig deepP
And bury me there in the greenwood whereQ
I would forever sleepP
He twanged his bow Upon its courseR
The clothyard arrow spedS
And when it fell in yonder dellT
Brave Robin Hood was deadS
The sheriff sleeps in a marble vaultU
The king in a shroud of goldI
And upon the air with a chanted pray'rV
Mingles the mock of mouldI
But the deer draw to the shady poolW
The birds sing blithe and freeB
And the wild flow'rs bloom o'er a hidden tombX
Under the greenwood treeB

Eugene Field


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