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voltavancil: Stop by today for some fun! $5 and will benefit Eugene Field.

Sport360: In this instance against Moreirense, he’s drifted wide and no immediate danger is apparent when he receives possession. There’s an easy pass in field that’s on but Bruno has already spotted Luiz Phellype on the move, about to run down the blindside of the centre-back.

rogers_eugene: Do I see coaches and cameramen on the field. What is all of that about?

kerridonnroy: Spelling Bee champ Eugene Field. Way to go Brody! Our class is so proud of you!

JobsOnTeamWork: Marketing and Communications Director - USA Track & Field/Oregon 21 (Eugene · OR)

JobsOnTeamWork: World Athletics Family Experience Director - USA Track & Field/Oregon 21 (Eugene · OR)

JobsOnTeamWork: Fan Experience Director - USA Track & Field/Oregon 21 (Eugene · OR)

carljackmiller: Whilst reading Oliver Bullough’s brilliant book Moneyland, I’ve come across a fact that made me just stop in my tracks. The scale of wealth being moved, hidden and spent by the super-rich is now so great, it has its own academic field of study: Plutonomy

asskradio: Now Playing : Summer Rain Rob Hardt Swinger Club Mix [1Vih] by Cool Million Feat. Eugene Wilde Listen Live via asskradio Buy song

eugeneweekly: The world will be watching Eugene soon when the city hosts the 2021 World Track and Field championships. But Jerry Diethelm writes in his Design Matters column that the city is missing a key city design category and key development strategy.

AuBadge: Feel Free To Love (Feat. Gore Melian) [John Gucci Remix] by Eugene Prendi, Pinky - Buy It

eugeneweekly: In her Outdoors column, Chandra LeGue writes that snowshoeing is a great way to explore in wintry Oregon. LeGue is the Western Oregon field coordinator for Oregon Wild.

CaroleAstley: Oregon21 will be here before we know it!

otdderamin: Here's a wild theory: Eugene always loved a good mural, but we went ape shit for them after 3 things happened: 1. The 2015 New Yorker article about the Cascadia earthquake that'll destroy us 2. The 2016 election 3. Getting the 2021 IAAF World Track & Field Championships

StA_Maths_Stats: 21.I Quote of the Day David Eugene Smith (1860 - 1944) "The field of mathematics is now so extensive that no one can [any] longer pretend to cover it, least of all the specialist in any one department. ...

UrbanMilwaukee: Eugene Kane explores what Martin Luther King Jr. might have thought about today's Presidential field.

otdderamin: Eugene is a parody of itself it wants so badly to be different. Maybe we're just bland in a different way. Everything is so colorful it starts looking the same again. Like a field of wildflowers.

Brandon_Kibett: Everyone at United is spineless I would have tripped him, how you let a keeper ran the length of a football field to go celebrate

BeatriceGiroux: Betty Field 1941 by Eugene Robert Richee - Costume by Edith Head

thejohnest: Coach Mike Angove writes a short summary on why - in a field of magnificent coaches - Eugene Bareman stands out:

Redperl510: My cousin Herbert Eugene Hyatte Jr. Check out his music Herbert Zeal Smyer. Your cousin is in the same music field. I love you guys:

planetizen: Urban informatics is a relatively new field that uses emerging data types to better understand how cities see, feel, think, and work.

brandonshrider: BG leads NIU, 13-10, with 11:23 to play in the first half. Falcons have held the MAC’s leading scorer, Eugene German, without a field goal through 8+ minutes.

Salem_Statesman: World Athletics CEO Jon Ridgeon praises Eugene's preparations for World Championship meet

RayAWatts1: At 11:01 a.m., on Jan. 18, 1911, Eugene Ely, flying a Curtiss pusher, landed on a specially built platform aboard the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania (ACR 4) at anchor in San Francisco Bay. At 11:58 a.m., he took off and returned to Selfridge Field, San Francisco. (Navy photo)

benedictrogers: My poem for today - "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" by Eugene Field :)

MHAOKLA: On today's episode Mark Davis interviews Tahira Taqi. We invited Tahira to talk about her work on the Eugene Field choice neighborhood project here in Tulsa. Click to listen now!

chansen_RG: ICYMI: World Athletics CEO Jon Ridgeon was in Eugene for a site visit ahead of the 2021 World Outdoor Track & Field Championships and was impressed with what he saw

Eugene_Scott: Sanders is leading the field with the youngest group of black voters. But Biden earns about the same level of support among older millennials and voters from Generation X. And his support with the youngest group of black voters isn't insignificant.

usdatagov: Data science is a growing field. Now, UNC Charlotte will train students for those jobs.

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