What a mighty and strong emotion you're.
You're a mental venom that pollutes the spirit.
You're a soul prisoner and a relationship breaker.
You're so damaging and mind consuming.

If we are wraped up with in your arms.
You turnish our souls and darken our days.
If you're left not hundled,
You drain our spirits and intoxicate our communications.

You have an explosive nature,that motivates violence.
As well as an implosive nature, which eats us from the inside.
At your heart, oh..hatred is a blame.
But your antidote is with in our grasp.

But boldly we can overcome you, we can overcome you by,
Changing our irritational thoughts, with rational ones.
As well as by employing a destructive strategy towards your thoughts.

Oh.. Dear hatred, despite of your invading nature,
You are not a big deal.