One of the ones that Midas touched
Who failed to touch us all
Was that confiding Prodigal
The reeling Oriole-

So drunk he disavows it
With badinage divine-
So dazzling we mistake him
For an alighting Mine-

A Pleader-a Dissembler-
An Epicure-a Thief-
Betimes an Oratorio-
An Ecstasy in chief-

The Jesuit of Orchards
He cheats as he enchants
Of an entire Attar
For his decamping wants-

The splendor of a Burmah
The Meteor of Birds,
Departing like a Pageant
Of Ballads and of Bards-

I never thought that Jason sought
For any Golden Fleece
But then I am a rural man
With thoughts that make for Peace-

But if there were a Jason,
Tradition bear with me
Behold his lost Aggrandizement
Upon the Apple Tree-