Let Us play Yesterday-
I-the Girl at school-
You-and Eternity-the
Untold Tale-

Easing my famine
At my Lexicon-
Logarithm-had I-for Drink-
'Twas a dry Wine-

Somewhat different-must be-
Dreams tint the Sleep-
Cunning Reds of Morning
Make the Blind-leap-

Still at the Egg-life-
Chafing the Shell-
When you troubled the Ellipse-
And the Bird fell-

Manacles be dim-they say-
To the new Free-
Never could-to me-

'Twas my last gratitude
When I slept-at night-
'Twas the first Miracle
Let in-with Light-

Can the Lark resume the Shell-
Easier-for the Sky-
Wouldn't Bonds hurt more
Than Yesterday?

Wouldn't Dungeons sorer frate
On the Man-free-
Just long enough to taste-
Then-doomed new-

God of the Manacle
As of the Free-
Take not my Liberty
Away from Me-