It will be Summer-eventually.
Ladies-with parasols-
Sauntering Gentlemen-with Canes-
And little Girls-with Dolls-

Will tint the pallid landscape-
As 'twere a bright Bouquet-
Thro' drifted deep, in Parian-
The Village lies-today-

The Lilacs-bending many a year-
Will sway with purple load-
The Bees-will not despise the tune-
Their Forefathers-have hummed-

The Wild Rose-redden in the Bog-
The Aster-on the Hill
Her everlasting fashion-set-
And Covenant Gentians-frill-

Till Summer folds her miracle-
As Women-do-their Gown-
Of Priests-adjust the Symbols-
When Sacrament-is done-