Better-than Music! For I-who heard it-
I was used-to the Birds-before-
This-was different-'Twas Translation-
Of all tunes I knew-and more-

'Twasn't contained-like other stanza-
No one could play it-the second time-
But the Composer-perfect Mozart-
Perish with him-that Keyless Rhyme!

So-Children-told how Brooks in Eden-
Bubbled a better-Melody-
Quaintly infer-Eve's great surrender-
Urging the feet-that would-not-fly-

Children-matured-are wiser-mostly-
Eden-a legend-dimly told-
Eve-and the Anguish-Grandame's story-
But-I was telling a tune-I heard-

Not such a strain-the Church-baptizes-
When the last Saint-goes up the Aisles-
Not such a stanza splits the silence-
When the Redemption strikes her Bells-

Let me not spill-its smallest cadence-
Humming-for promise-when alone-
Humming-until my faint Rehearsal-
Drop into tune-around the Throne-