Dust-sealed Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I know not wherefore but mine eyesA
See bloom where other eyes see blightB
They find a rainbow a sunriseA
Where others but discern deep nightB
Men call me an enthusiastC
And say I look through gilded hazeD
Because where'er my gaze is castC
I see something that calls for praiseD
I say Behold those lovely eyesA
That tinted cheek of flower like graceE
They answer in amused surpriseA
We thought it a common faceE
I say Was ever seen more fairF
I seem to walk in Eden's bowersG
They answer with a pitying airF
The weeds are choking out the flowersG
I know not wherefore but God lentH
A deeper vision to my sightB
On whatsoe'er my gaze is bentH
I catch the beauty InfiniteI
That underlying hidden halfJ
That all things hold of DeityK
So let the dull crowd sneer and laughJ
Their eyes are blind they cannot seeK

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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