On a solemn eventide,
Roar an echoing and reechoing call
From atop the mountain crack
opens the skies its hallowed mouth
O' mountain of eternity sprouts and wings the earth away!

The red soil earth contrasts and contrasts,
Vomits its mortals bound in ages
Mongrel upon mongrels i see,
And fallen saints awoken upon the feverish streets of a fallen world.

Hark, a fragmented man or mongrel:
"Oh vile, greed and lust
Oh power and mammon my eternal doom"!
Hast the wealthy and the poor upon His Throne stood equal

"Speak to me Oh Gabriel, now that the ever busy world has vanished, what shall i do to be saved?"
"Hast my end upon the clarion call come?
"Shalt the dragons on its odious fearful claws drag to hades like a procession of hyenas in fetals to the abatoir ?"
"Or my righteous soul shall call up to Thee?"

Hast all mortals transmigrated immortality before God
And the earth a great deluge sweeps;
Evaporating the Saints to heaven
and many unto hades sink!
Oh how would i know the mountains shall skip or the waters roar upon a solemn eventide?
Oh great God! When shall this great day come?