Via Amoris Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


IT is not Love this beautiful unrestB
This tremor of longing that invades my breastB
For Love is in his grave this many a yearC
He will not rise I do not wish him hereD
It is not memory for your face and eyesE
Are not reflected where that dark pool liesE
It is not hope for life makes no amendsF
And hope and I are long no longer friendsF
It is a ghost out of another SpringG
It needs but little for its comfortingG
That I should hold your hand and see your faceH
And muse a little in this quiet placeH
Where through the silence I can hear you sighA
And feel you sadden O Virgin MysteryI
And know my thought has in your thought begotJ
Sadness its child and that you know it notK
If this were Love if all this bitter painL
Were but the birth pang of Love born againM
If through the doubts and dreams resolved smiledN
The prophetic promise of the holy childN
What should I gain The Love whose dream lips smiledN
Could never be my own and only childN
But to Love's birth would come with the last painL
Renunciation also born againM
If this were Love why should I turn awayO
Am I not too made of the common clayO
Is life so fair am I so fortunateP
I can refuse the capricious gift of FateQ
The sudden glory the unhoped for flowersR
The transfiguration of my earthly hoursR
Come Love the house is garnished and is sweptS
Washed clean with all the tears that I have weptS
Washed from the stain of my unworthy fearsT
Hung with the splendid spoils of wasted yearsT
Lighted with lamps of hope and curtained fastU
Against the gathered darkness of the pastU
I draw the bolts I throw the portals wideV
The darkness rushes shivering to my sideV
Love is not here the darkness creeps aboutW
My house wherein the lamps of hope die outW
Ah Love it was not then your hand that cameX
Beating my door your voice that called my nameX
'It is not Love it is not Love ' I saidY
And bowed in fearful hope my trembling headY
'It is not Love for Love could never riseE
Out of the rock hewn grave wherein he lies '-
But as I spake the heavenly form drew nearC
Where close I clasped a hope grown keen as fearC
Upon my head His very hand He laidZ
And whispered 'It is I be not afraid '-
And this is Love no rose crowned laughing guestB
By whom my passionate heart should be caressedB
But one re risen from the grave austereC
Cold as the grave and infinitely dearC
To follow whom I lay the whole world downA2
Take up the cross bind on the thorny crownA2
And following whom my bleeding pilgrim feetB2
Find the rough pathway sure and very sweetB2
The august environment of mighty wingsC2
Shuts out the snare of vain imaginingsC2
For by my side crowned with Love's death white roseC2
The Angel of Renunciation goesC2

Edith Nesbit


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