LAUGHTER and song and mirth,
Roses that drip with dew,
These are the joys of earth;
Sunshine and skies of blue,
Children that romp and play,
Stars that twinkle at night,
Moonbeams that softly stray
Making the meadows light.

Birds in the tree tops high,
Fish in the waters blue,
Rain from the summer sky,
Sweethearts whose love is true;
Mountains and hills that loom
High in the distance fair,
Breezes that bear perfume
Sweet on the summer air.

Nothing to live for, pray?
Nothing worth while?
Look now where e'er you may,
Somewhere a smile;
Sunshine and morning dew,
Blue skies above us,
Hearts that are warm and true,
Someone to love us.

These are the joys of earth,
Wealth knows no more;
Laughter and song and mirth,
Flowers at your door,
Children to romp and play,
Skies that are blue;
Nothing to live for? Pray,
What's ailing you?