I wait for the one who promised
Promised to return
Not just return
But return for a lifetime

Days pass
Long are the nights
Freezing even when degrees are highest
But I hang on to hope
That the one I wait for
Shall surely return

Uncertainty is the world l live in
Is it naivety or obsession
For I know not what may come
I just hope
I simply believe
He shall return

Sitting by the window
Staring at the stars
Mind blown away
Struck by how fast time flies
Memory flashes....
It has been two years

I wait but it seems futile
He is nowhere
Disappears into thin air
No hello, no goodbye
He is the sweetest hello
But the most painful goodbye

He says; lose everything
But never lose hope
And because of hope
I still hang on
I still believe
I still hope
That the one I wait for
Shall surely return.