Not Here, But Still Near Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There are so many thingsA
I wanted you to knowB
but I had no idea you'd goB
My friend our brotherC
We'll miss youD
there'll be no otherC
standing on a mountainE
standing on the edgeF
ready to fall because I'll never hear your callG
Do you know how it feelsH
knowing that we'll never share our school break mealsH
Everyone says time healI
but it feels like it killsJ
I'm walking on a ledgeF
about to fall in a holeK
Everything I feel insideL
because of my stupid prideL
but I miss youD
and I know you can hearM
even though we can't see youD
I know we feel you nearN
maybe in the future I'll feel betterC
and the clouds will clearN
and change the weatherC
I'll take this as a signO
to start living lifeP
and cut out all strifeP
we all should tooD
life is shortQ
it's time to abortQ
all the badR
that makes us sadR
he may be gone but he's at peaceS
but he has the keysT
to all our heartsU
and we'll never forgetV
the eternal mark he setV

Duwayne Frieslaar
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/05/2021

Poet's note: I wrote this poem for everyone who has lost a loved one. I want to express hope for light and love. It's about a school mate who has passed away. This poem was written on the fifth of June 2021.


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