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Duwayne Frieslaar

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  • 1.  
    Oh valentine, valentine
    I am so glad you’re mine
    So many ups and downs
    Still we landed safely on the ground
  • 2.  
    Destiny is blind
    Pain is unkind.

    How can I stand tall,
  • 3.  
    What is love?

    What is love, but a burden
    that leaves you uncertain?
  • 4.  
    I guess they were right,
    when they said the world isn't all black and white.
    Nothing lasts forever,
    but I thought we'd stay together
  • 5.  
    The water that silently moves to the shore
    reminds me of what I used to live for.
    The sleepless nights
    created the fire that burns, but never lights.
  • 6.  
    I am weak,
    I am weird,
    I am nervous
    On the surface.
  • 7.  
    What have I done,
    but take away the sun?
    where can we go,
    if there's nothing, but snow
  • 8.  
    When everything's dead
    and you're the only survivor.
    When everything's gone
    with no hope to go on.
  • 9.  
    The world is cruel,
    but for some people it's cool.
    People are dying
    because of lying.
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