There are so many things
I wanted you to know,
but I had no idea you'd go
My friend, our brother
We'll miss you
there'll be no other
standing on a mountain
standing on the edge
ready to fall, because I'll never hear your call
Do you know how it feels
knowing that we'll never share our school break meals
Everyone says time heal,
but it feels like it kills
I'm walking on a ledge
about to fall in a hole
Everything I feel inside
because of my stupid pride
but I miss you
and I know you can hear
even though we can't see you
I know we feel you near
maybe in the future I'll feel better
and the clouds will clear
and change the weather.
I'll take this as a sign
to start living life
and cut out all strife
we all should too
life is short
it's time to abort
all the bad
that makes us sad
he may be gone, but he's at peace,
but he has the keys
to all our hearts
and we'll never forget
the eternal mark he set.