Haunting Shadows Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A presence that is always thereA
Right behind meB
Watching me like a hawkC
chasing me likeD
the phantoms of pastE
Hunting me down like a predatorF
Is it a demonG
Or a black soulH
Or is it an invisible monsterF
I don t knowI
But it drives me crazyB
It peeps into my privacyB
It trespasses into my territoryB
What is itJ
Why is it hereK
I don t knowI
When I turned back franticallyB
It just vanishedL
Vanished like mistM
What is itJ
What does it wantN
I don t knowI
Is it the shadows of my dark pastE
Or the shadows ofO
my Past sins and guiltP
Or are they the peopleQ
who were the shadows in my lifeR
Or are they the shadowsS
of the deceased ghostT
In the graveyard of my memoriesU
I don t knowI
I really don t knowI
But it haunts meB
Haunts me like a nightmareA
But I wanna chase away the demonG
Erase the shadows of my sins and guiltP
And clear all the haunting memoriesU
And their scars and marksV
How could I ever do thatW
I don t knowI
But I will definitely gave a tryX
I wanna liveY
Live peacefullyB
At leat It s my rightZ

Drsobhasree Reji
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/19/2021

Poet's note: I have to face a lot of tragedies n losses in my life ... Each time I broken n crushed up but tried to fight back n face the life... but some worries some thoughts some annoying presence some fears always with me haunting me each n every second .. These poem is a true reflection of that thoughts n worries..


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