Somebody's Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


This is what I vowA
He shall have my heart to keepB
Sweetly will we stir and sleepB
All the years as nowA
Swift the measured sands may runC
Love like this is never doneC
He and I are welded oneC
This is what I vowA
This is what I prayD
Keep him by me tenderlyE
Keep him sweet in pride of meE
Ever and a dayD
Keep me from the old distressF
Let me for our happinessG
Be the one to love the lessF
This is what I prayD
This is what I knowH
Lovers' oaths are thin as rainI
Love's a harbinger of painI
Would it were not soH
Ever is my heart a thirstJ
Ever is my love accurstJ
He is neither last nor firstJ
This is what I knowH

Dorothy Parker


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