A Well-worn Story Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In April in AprilA
My one love came alongB
And I ran the slope of my high hillC
To follow a thread of songB
His eyes were hard as porphyryD
With looking on cruel landsE
His voice went slipping over meD
Like terrible silver handsE
Together we trod the secret laneF
And walked the muttering townG
I wore my heart like a wet red stainF
On the breast of a velvet gownG
In April in AprilA
My love went whistling byH
And I stumbled here to my high hillC
Along the way of a lieH
Now what should I do in this placeI
But sit and count the chimesJ
And splash cold water on my faceI
And spoil a page with rhymesJ

Dorothy Parker


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