The Man In The Dead Machine Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


High on a slope in New GuineaA
The Grumman HellcatB
lodges among bright vinesC
as thick as arms InD
the clenched hand of a pilotB
glided it hereE
where no one has ever beenD
In the cockpit the helmetedB
skeleton sitsF
upright heldB
by dry sinews at neckG
and shoulder and webbingH
that straps the pelvic crossI
to the crackedB
leather of the seat and the breastboneD
to the canvas coverJ
of the parachuteB
Or say the shrapnelK
missed him he flewL
back to the carrier and everyA
morning takes the train his paleM
hands on the black case and sitsF
upright heldB
by the firm webbingH

Donald Hall


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