Denis Barasa Morning Poems

  • 1.
    The wax to wall your wealth
    Or insulate your belly from hunger bites
    Sprout in sleep and in sight
    Lulling effect some have
  • 2.
    The rays raise the rhythm
    Smiling faces upon smiley subtexts
    Dawn draws daffodils
    Morning means merry
  • 3.
    Leaves fall off the branches
    Foliage fine for fresh fauna
    Branches so brittle ,break
    The weight of silence serenades
  • 4.
    However hoarse and horrifying the hour
    Whatever pain and suffering is dour
    Morning power
    Daylight dares and drowns darkness
  • 5.
    Fall of the Baobab

    (For Ken Walibora Waliaula)

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