The Spring Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


After RilkeA
Spring has returned Everything has returnedB
The earth just like a schoolgirl memorizesC
Poems so many poems Look she has learnedB
So many famous poems she has earned so many prizesD
Teacher was strict We delighted in the whiteE
Of the old man's beard bright like the snow'sF
Now we may ask which names are wrong or rightE
For blue for apple for ripe She knows she knowsF
Lucky earth let out of school now you must playG
Hide and seek with all the children every dayG
You must hide that we may seek you we will We willH
The happiest child will hold you She knows all the thingsI
You taught her the word for hope and for believeJ
Are still upon her tongue She sings and sings and singsI

Delmore Schwartz


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