Del Lize Moment Poems

  • 1.
    A voice from the past
    The first.
    Not really.
  • 2.
    Lying on my bed, remembering you:
    Those brown eyes pulling me in with an air of intensity.
    Devilishly and wickedly licking her lips…
    I can’t stand it anymore…
  • 3.
    Magical attraction
    Your body a true distraction
    An indescribable knot in my tummy
    Will your answer make everything sunny?
  • 4.
    Riding the highs and lows.
    I am out of control:

    Unable to control my impulses
  • 5.
    How is it possible to feel so enthralled by one?
    To be bewitched, beguiled, mesmerized?

    Unable to wait for that next moment
  • 6.
    I enjoy the chase that will lead to the embrace.
    The seduction becomes the addiction:

    The need to attract her like a siren call.
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