I enjoy the chase that will lead to the embrace.
The seduction becomes the addiction:

The need to attract her like a siren call.
The need to push her up against the wall
But also, the need to gain her trust.
Without trust nothing can be gained…least of all her body.

The attraction a lot like gravity:
Me the earth and her the core
like a captured lion’s roar –
It is amazingly difficult to regain my sanity.

Being close:
I knew I had to keep going; my destination was getting closer.
That final nudge – nudge nudge, know what I mean?
The first touch always while gazing into those eyes…
The first touch always followed by anticipation
as we move in,
feeling her breath on my lips as we make eye contact again…
Fingers grasps hair like a lifeline, finally going in for the kiss.
The taste is the first thing that overwhelms your senses.
The hunger for more suddenly creeps up on you and before
you know it, your bodies are entwined.

Breathless, coming up for air.
The intensity of the stare as our chests heave.
There is no denying:
We are overtaken by lust
Trying hopelessly not to combust.
This fever runs hot with lust, runs deeper than any rust.

The game just got real.

The attraction pulls you closer
You are no longer sober.
Drunk on the scent that will become the strongest tie to this moment.
The scent intoxicates you…
Nothing is more memorable than that smell.
The smell that will haunt you for days…
A scent that lingers…

That first rendezvous turns me into a hunter.
The chase is on as this will not be our last encounter.
The art of seduction if a craft…
The attraction - a life raft.