Listening Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I listen to the stillness of youA
My dear among it allB
I feel your silence touch my words as I talkC
And take them in thrallB
My words fly off a forgeD
The length of a sparkE
I see the night sky easily sip themF
Up in the darkE
The lark sings loud and gladG
Yet I am not lothH
That silence should take the song and the birdI
And lose them bothJ
A train goes roaring southK
The steam flag flyingL
I see the stealthy shadow of silenceM
Alongside goingL
And off the forge of the worldN
Whirling in the draught of lifeO
Go sparks of myriad people fillingL
The night with strifeO
Yet they never change the darknessP
Or blench it with noiseQ
Alone on the perfect silenceM
The stars are buoysR

David Herbert Lawrence


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