If there is no freedom within you, you won’t inspire anyone.
If a star is born only in the sky and not in you, you won’t see the light.
If heaven is not in you, you will never get there.
If there is hell in you, you will never escape from there.

If you are not forgiving, you will never breathe freely.
If you don’t give, you will never fly.
If you lose hope, you will never wake up.
If you don’t steer your passion,
You will never quench your yearning.

You told me one day — I am your song.
Your breath is the song and the song is like me.
Children are playing - soon calmness will come.
I feel your breath in front of the gate.

So far, so far, so near and so far…

You’re the vineyard’s gate and this gate is the heart.
The heart is the choice, the choice is the way.
You are what I think and always you are.
You are what I saw and always you were.

So far, so far, so near and so far…

So, let me sing in your transparent breath.
Be like the wine in your divine veins.
I am wishing to let you hear the song - as I am
and let me please you — you know I need this too.

So far, so far, so near and so far…

All the words’ variations come down to one truth.
And all the ideas come down to one breath.
And all the world’s secrets in your heart are revealed.
Till the star of the East is the sign of the future.

So near and not far… Almighty and calm…

Eastern star is trembling all over me
and also all over you — we hear and we see
the spirit of silence within our breathe.
Oh yes, one which we take and yes, one which we leave.