Dear nations,
To you I've ascribed the nasty hurdle,
That has agitated to the big seven,
And rhe universe.

Wept and cries have determinedly,
All over the global,
It has no amnesty to rich,
The emperor, to the poor.

I confect the problem,
For it has swept off the almighty nation,
The Italy.

Kills are now tiding in mouths of the people,
No devotions, no anthology,
And tuition in most restives.

Some says,
Handshake, hugging, kissing
And crowd not,
Will rescue our lungs,
To death passionates.

But above all,
It is difficult to fight CORONA,
More than sitting on the sandpit,
For the thirdworlds like Tanzania,
It is even more difficult,
Than killing the great OSAMA grenadeless.

Onething we can,
Is to pay for the tithe and dues,
Back to almighty GOD,
Prays and worship,
And self responses,
Would have to save our living.