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Daudi mwanambuu: is the student at SOKOINE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE (SUA), in agronomy degree programme, he's not only excited of being an agronomist but being also good at blowing public minds with poetry artworks. ...
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  • The More You Love.
    I've got a woman,
    So cute, so fine,
    So sweet, so shine.
    Like a star among millions in the sky. ...
  • Who Says?
    That We're living no friends?,
    That friendship is necessary evils?,
    And thet we no longer happy having friends?.
  • Few Days.
    When the sun's always out,
    And the dread of the pregnant woman just raising,
    Her womb bigger indeed,
    Full of pains and messy of the inside baby, ...
  • My Desire
    Dear nations,
    To you I've ascribed the nasty hurdle,
    That has agitated to the big seven,
    And rhe universe. ...
  • Welth Of The Poor
    The poor wakes up early in the morning,
    Searching his daily livelihoods,
    His justness, power, And ability,
    Are the visual to luckiness. ...
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