Sonnet Xli : Through Death To Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Like labour laden moonclouds faint to fleeA
From winds that sweep the winter bitten woldB
Like multiform circumfluence manifoldB
Of night's flood tide like terrors that agreeA
Of hoarse tongued fire and inarticulate seaA
Even such within some glass dimmed by our breathC
Our hearts discern wild images of DeathC
Shadows and shoals that edge eternityA
Howbeit athwart Death's imminent shade doth soarD
One Power than flow of stream or flight of doveE
Sweeter to glide around to brood aboveE
Tell me my heart what angel greeted doorD
Or threshold of wing winnowed threshing floorD
Hath guest fire fledged as thine whose lord is LoveE

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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