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When the Queen died and the Whigs regained power, he was impeached by Robert Walpole and kept in close custody for two years (1715–1717). In 1709, he had already published a collection of verse. During this imprisonment, maintaining his cheerful philosophy, he wrote his longest humorous poem, Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind. This, along with his most ambitious work, Solomon, and other Poems on several Occasions, was published by subscription in 1718. The sum received for this volume (4000 guineas), with a present of £4000 from Lord Harley, enabled him to live in comfort; but he did not long survive his enforced retirement from public life, although he bore his ups and downs with rare equanimity. He died at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, a seat of the Earl of Oxford, and was ...
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Love 80 I Love You 80 Heart 62 Great 53 Never 49 Power 47 Dear 46 Good 46 God 44 Fate 43

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  • Soberokie: imagine being like ol’ reggie here. posting the “sec” chant while attaching a gif of matthew mcconaughey cheering prior to a texas loss to lsu
  • Chanchaskasport: section 2aaa cross country boys standings: tonka 32*, edina 41*, eden prairie 93, prior lake 139, chan 144, chaska 153, waconia 156, shakopee 159 qualifiers: hootie hage (pl), nolan sutter (chaska), matthew holje (ep), thomas simmonds (pl), tyler doolittle (ep), nolan bakken (ep)
  • Matthew_goguen: prior to the colts, houston had a minor league team from 1888-1961 with several monikers including the babies, mud cats, magnolias, lambs, marvels, hands, mud cats (again), before settling on the buffaloes from 1908-1961.
  • Mtmehan: the military is is threatening soldiers, who have conscientious or religious objection to taking the vaccine, w/ termination & suits for all prior investment (est. $425k for college, for instance). this is no way to treat service members; no way to treat anyone. truly staggering.
  • Nicholasrfish: 40% of ohio students qualify for free or reduced price school lunches. 1 in 5 kids live in poverty. 42,000 kids don't have health insurance, the third highest rate in the country, and an increase of 40% from two years prior. but sure, it's crt or whatever that's the real problem.
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An Allegory On Man
 by Thomas Parnell

A thoughtful Being, long and spare,
Our Race of Mortals call him Care:
(Were Homer living, well he knew
What Name the Gods have call'd him too)
With fine Mechanick Genius wrought,
And lov'd to work, tho' no one bought.

This Being, by a Model bred

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