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  • The Greater Cats
    The greater cats with golden eyes
    Stare out between the bars.
    Deserts are there and different skies,
    And night with different stars....
  • Moonlight
    What time the meanest brick and stone
    Take on a beauty not their own,
    And past the flaw of builded wood
    Shines the intention whole and good,...
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Shape 1 Arrogance 1 Heart 1 Freedom 1 Faith 1 Death 1 Change 1 Believe 1 Colour 1 Moonlight 1

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Davissalika: victoria (vita) mary sackville-west (1892-1962) was a prolific fiction writer, prize-winning poet, and gardener. she wrote in an astounding variety of genres, including travel narrative, historical and literary studies, poetry, fiction, and essays. also an mtf
Everytitlecincy: vita : the life of vita sackville-west—glendinning, victoria. 1983 book | 823.912 s121 zg items: 5 | circs: 69 | last circ: 3/2021 sackville west v victoria 1892 1962 biography,authors english 20th century biography
Derekjohnbryant: victoria mary [vita] sackville-west, (1892–1962), writer and gardener
Lowercasebooks: harriet the spy - louise fitzhugh eleanor and hick - susan quinn curious wine - katherine v. forrest vita: a biography of vita sackville-west - victoria glendinning
Williampcross: remembering victoria ( vita) mary sackville-west, lady nicolson ( 1892-1962) who died today, 2 june 1962. novelist, biographer and famous gardener, wife of harold, lover of many notable women of her era. pictured here by william rothenstein: 1932
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