A Prayer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


LADY in thy proud eyesA
There is a weary lookB
As if the spirit we know through themC
Were daunted with rebukeD
To think that the heart of man henceforthE
Is read like a read bookB
Lady in thy lifted faceF
The solitude is soreG
The true solitude follows the crowdH
Will it be less or moreG
When the words have been spoken to theeI
Which my heart is seeking forG
Lady canst thou not guessJ
The words which my thoughts seekK
Perhaps thou deem'st them well to spurnL
And better not to speakK
Oh thou must know my love is strongM
Hearing my voice so weakK
Lady ah go not thusN
Lady give ear againO
Lady oh learn from me that yetP
There may one thing remainQ
Which stands not in the knowledge thou hastR
And in thy lore of menO
Lady the darkness lasteth longM
Ere the dawn touch the skiesA
Many are the leagues of wildernessN
Till ye come where the green liesA
Nay often betwixt doubt and doubtS
Death whispers and makes wiseA
Lady has not my thoughtT
Dared much For I would beI
The ending of darkness and the dawnU
Of a new day to theeI
And thine oasis and thy place of restV
And thy time of peace ladyI

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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