Crystal Koen Good Poems

  • 1.
    As I kneel down and i pray
    A gentle whisper comes my way

    The past I can not rewind
  • 2.
    Christmas is a time of cheer
    Good tydings brings a message clear

    The 25th of December
  • 3.
    All women started out
    As little girls playing about

    Some experienced love and affection
  • 4.
    Too often we tend to weep
    Forgetting what we sow we reap

    How soon do we forget
  • 5.
    Lord I thank you for this day
    Another opportunity for me to pray

    Today i'm focussed not on testings
  • 6.
    Good Friday begins a battle plan
    So against evil the world could stand

    Jesus Christ a lamb to the slaughter
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