Once upon a time was a wild flower,
Living in the mountains nearest sky and stars,
Other side of world was a young man living,
Seeking for the happiness of his life.

He was searching a wild flower,
A masterpiece of nature that fearless grew up,
A unique flower that lives lonely,
In a cold fresh breeze of mountain wind.

Seeking and seeking, finally you found her,
After a hard climbing on the rocks,
She was up on the peak of mountain,
In a wild rocky place.

You were astonished by her beauty,
You couldn't stop to stare at her,
She showed to you like an actress,
After curtains get opened on the stage.

She looked so strong to you, so pretty,
But also so charming and so delicate,
She knew you'll come and care for her,
All her life she was waiting for you.

Was enough only her petals to touch,
And she blossomed like a glowing smile,
Your face became so thrill and happy,
She was everything you ever wanted.

But hurry up, time is running,
Unfortunatelly never stops,
You have such precious moments with your wild flower to spend,
You waited for her so long and life never waits.

You took your gracious wild flower,
And nurtured her with love and faith,
Even you knew will last only a moment,
You gave her moments that she'll never forget.

But day to say good bye has come,
Sitting in your arms she closed her eyes and passed away,
Your face was last thing she wanted to see,
Before she got the last breath passing to eternity.

Don't waste your time, be with your loved one,
She is so special and so worthy in this shortless life,
Give to your wild flower of mountain your great love,
Don't wait for destiny from you to steal it.