In the forest lived a mother bear,
Caring for her baby brought her happiness,
All day long she cuddled and nurtured him,
Rolling, turning and playing with him with her paws.

He was so joyful near his mamma,
He played with her all day, not letting her rest,
When he was feeding, having her milk,
He would growl at her, want more and more again.

There was a strong connection between mother and baby,
They both lived in peace and harmony,
She only needed to look at her baby,
And knew every need that he had.

Crossing that forest was a road,
One day the baby bear playfully escaped from his den,
He ran away to chase some buterflies,
Not aware of the danger of the road.

While following butterflies and playing,
He jumped in front of a car that was speeding past,
The driver couldn't avoid hitting him, in the seconds that passed,
The car hit him so hard, to death.

The driver was sad for what had happened,
He felt so lost and devastated,
The thought that baby bear's mamma couldn't say good bye to her baby,
Left him sick with her pain.

When mamma bear showed up there, she picked him up,
Started to roll him, trying to make him react,
But very soon she realized the cruel reality,
That her baby was no longer alive.

She cuddled and held him in her paws,
And with despair growled at him,
She raise her head towards the sky,
And growled even louder with her grief.

She started running through the forest,
Scratching any trees that she could,
She scratched vigorously and continued to growl,
Till many trees has no more rind.

She began digging a hole in ground,
Finally to bury her baby into it,
She coated him with soil,
And then sat there looking helplessly at his grave.

Any mother's instinct is something unique,
The love of a mother towards her child, is a blessing from God indeed,
If a mamma bear can cry out with grief at losing her baby,
Why can't women from our world to do the same?

(inspired by a true story)