A sun ray tickled to my face this morning,
Waking me up from sleep,
I straighten up my stalk and look toward the sun,
And shake off the fresh dew out from my face,
So i can take deep breath and have a new beginning.
But suddenly i'm seeing my reflection in dew drops around
And i am so amazed
'Who am i? ', i asked to myself
I am a rose, with velvet petals,
I am so delicate, perfumed and red
All other roses start looking at me
'Who are you really', they asking me
'You are so beautiful, what you are doing here
Among all these thorns and weeds?
Here, you dont belong '
I am so confused
Why i'm here?
Why i'm alone?
Who's taking care of me?
And suddenly you show up,
You are so handsome and looking at me with love,
I am looking at you and melting in your eyes
Your face is moving slowly down to me,
And look to me so deeply.
Drops of your tears is falling on my petals
Seeing me, you are so happy
So do i, feeling your love
You made my heart beat faster, stronger
Even i dont need water
I am feeding with your love.
Dont leave me, stay with me,
I need your love to live,
Protect me, nurture me with your lovely words.
Enjoy my perfumed petals
And reward me with a smile
Do not forget me ever,
I am a rose in your garden.