Come with me my love, let's run away,
Give me your hand to hold and have trust in me,
I'm gonna take you to a place of dreams,
Where our love is safe and lives in harmony.

I would tame the time and make it stop,
I would treasure each moment with you deep in my heart,
A moment with you is so priceless, unique,
I won't lose those precious moments to keep.

We'll spend together our moments of love,
Adventuring in a world we never knew before,
Wild nights are coming to set us free,
I'll see in your eyes your passion burning for me.

My passions are kept in my heart, waiting for you to explore,
In lust, love and romance, but only you can set them free,
Be with me and share the night, my heart is calling out your passion,
I want to hold your love forever, don't let this moment end.