A Sand Castle And Our Magic Bond Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Was the sunset and almost coming nightA
Me and you sitting at the sea side and the seagulls are flying aroundB
Horizon in red highlights is hiding sun behindC
Sea seems so romantic in the moonlight danceD
We built from sand a castleE
We made a solid ground and built the walls aroundB
Our hands were merging togetherF
We belived in our dream in our idealG
Waves came and washed away our castleE
Nothing was left behindC
Only our love remains foreverF
You and me and our magic bondH
Our sand castle was swept to shoreI
We can't see it no moreI
But what we built togetherF
It will be kept as a tresure in the heartJ
Nothing in this life lasts foreverF
From our material living worldK
Only love and spirit valuesL
Are the eternal never ending truthM

Cristina Teodor
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/01/2000


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